I weave where others jab, deflect where others pummel. You are cordially invited to indulge my version of literary aikido. Welcome to a place where abstraction, concision, and eccentricity meet.




American Flirtations

​Denny Reimer sells death on a stick, and he's damn good at it. He's also good at hiding his true feelings and wishes from everyone, until the day comes when he must choose between a successful life he hates, and a precarious future that seduces and frightens him.

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Donald Mills

A Violence So Near (Sequel to American Flirtations)

Denny Reimer begins his music career with great fanfare, only to be confronted with unsettling threats to his identity and beliefs. He seeks resolution in the context of a volatile new relationship; the answers he embraces portend actions that will inevitably set him outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.

​Available Fall 2019.

In God's Shoes

Jack McGahee is a man bred for conflict, a man who thrives where others wilt. When he moves to Ecuador to fulfill his dark ambitions, he succeeds beyond his wildest expectations, at prices the unsuspecting find too dear to pay.

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